09 June 2020: Muscat, Oman: After successfully identifying the factors that cause natural rubber to emit unpleasant odours, Sumitomo Rubber Industries has developed a “Reduced Odour Natural Rubber” that gives off significantly less odour.

This groundbreaking innovation delivers a breath of fresh air and vitality to natural rubber processing plants, and other key sectors where natural rubber is handled.

Thanks to the introduction of a proprietary raw material processing technique at Sumitomo Rubber Group’s natural rubber processing plant in Thailand, this newly developed rubber achieves a significant reduction in odour by suppressing the breakdown of odour-causing non-rubber components (such as proteins and lipids) that are found within natural rubber in its raw material state.

“We believe that this new manufacturing technique represents a major step towards solving longstanding odour issues not just at natural rubber processing plants, but also at tyre factories and other sites where natural rubber is handled,” Sumitomo Rubber Group explains.

The new “Reduced Odour Natural Rubber” is a result of the Group’s active engagement in research and development activities that aim to improve overall tyre quality, while making more efficient use of the world’s biomass resources, and fostering greater environmental sustainability and awareness.

In the Sultanate of Oman, as a premium export tyre brand of Sumitomo Rubber Group, Sumitomo Tyres offers drivers more on-road performance, more fuel efficiency, and more grip in all types of driving conditions.

Sumitomo Tyres’ vision is to create unmatched value for their customers by standing firmly upon traditions of the past and focusing on the possibilities of the future. The principles of the company’s founder, Masatomo Sumitomo, insisted upon reliability and trust over 400 years ago and the Sumitomo business spirit – part of The Sumitomo Way – continues that proud tradition today while enjoying a well-earned reputation for innovative design, precision engineering and superior quality.

Sumitomo’s Commercial Tyre and Passenger Tyre range are available at Eint Automotive LLC locations and their authorised dealerships throughout the country.