Eint Automotive, a flourishing branch of the WJ Towell Group and a renowned name in the automotive aftermarket, has been recently awarded with a certificate of appreciation from Sun Group (a subsidiary of Sun Global) in light of its outstanding support extended to Nison tyres for the year 2015. Established under the Sun Global company in 2004, Nison is one of the fastest growing global tyre brands.

Over the year, Eint Automotive being an exclusive dealer of Nison Tyres has organized promotional campaigns and value offers which were designed after in depth market research and gathering consumer insights. This has resulted in an increased demand of Nison tyres in Oman.

Nison Tyres offers a wide range of quality tyres, across several product categories and specializes in tyre development, production and management. The Nison tyres are designed and manufactured to meet international quality standards in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.

The General Manager, Riyadh Ali Sultan, stated that a certificate of appreciation from Nison is a proof of Eint’s diligent marketing services which ensure that the brand is well-received by the market.