How to Keep Car Cool in Summer

It’s time to hit the beach as summer is just around the corner. Your loved ones have been excited about the past week and emotions are high for sure. 


Everyone rushes to the car and it’s as hot as hell in it!


Summers are perfect times for outings and having fun but high temperatures can spoil your fun. So here are some tips on keeping the car cool in hot weather. 


3 Hacks to Keep Car Cool in Summer


1: Park where it’s Cooler:


Knowing the best places to park is essential when attempting to figure out how to keep your car cool in the heat. When possible, try to park in a garage or a covered parking space. While garages and carports can still be hot, they will keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight. If you can’t park in a garage or covered spot, park under a tree or in a shaded area. The shade can help keep your parked car cooler by reducing the amount of sunlight that hits it.


2: Keep Dashboard and Steering Wheel Covered:


You might occasionally forget to install your windshield sunshade. As a result, when you get into your car on a hot, sunny day, you might burn your hands on the dashboard or the steering wheel. Dashboard and steering wheel covers made of fabric or upholstery will help keep these areas of your cabin more comfortable to touch. Additionally, they can aid in preventing sun-induced fading or cracking of the vinyl on your dashboard.


3: Make Use of Sunshade:


Many drivers who park outside prefer to use a sunshade. Sunshades help keep the cabin cooler by blocking the sun’s main point of entry, especially if you put one in both the front and rear windshields. Even if you find a shady parking spot, a sunshade is a good idea because the sun moves throughout the day and you may find that more of your vehicle is exposed than when you first parked.