16 September 2019: Muscat, Oman In the recently concluded 2019 Silk Way Rally, Giti Tyres overcame extreme conditions to achieve the 13th place overall and 4th place in group T1, thereby demonstrating the strengths of its rally-proven tyres, over 5,008 kilometres.

Taking part in the Silk Way Rally race for the first time, Giti Tyres led the way in the all-terrain cross-country Giti4x4 AT70 and GitiCompete Desert1 tyres throughout the journey. Over 10 days, 10 stages, Giti’s vehicles traversed across three countries, from the coniferous forests of East Siberia in Russia to the vast grasslands of Mongolia, challenging the famous Badan Mountain and the magnificent sand mountains of the Chinese Gobi Desert. The searing summer heat and terrain challenges were obstacles that only top drivers and tyres could take on, especially putting its Giti4x4 AT70 all-terrain tyres to the true test.

The adventure passed through lush oases, dense forests, vast grasslands, blue lakes, desolate deserts, the vast Gobi, and other wide environments – facing the test of mountains, hills, canyons and other topographical conditions – coupled with the complex and changeable weather and other external factors.

Throughout the consecutive bad road conditions, the Giti Team broke through in the Siberian Mountains and successfully completed the race. Giti’s cross-country tyre AT70 withstood the tests of the road conditions, showcasing its superior performance, especially on tough mountain roads.

Utilizing a special tread block design, multi-tread combination technology, and unique casing technology with piercing resistance, the Giti4x4 AT70 has a three-tier casing, enhanced sidewall, with strengthened grip on off-road surfaces. Its special 3.5 mm guardrail type anti-friction strip also helps the tyre bounce off rubble and reduce wear and tear while driving on bad roads. In order to combat the rugged cross-country road conditions, Giti also adjusted the formula when developing the AT70, increasing the content of natural rubber, and improving the tear resistance of rubber, providing strong support for the drivers in the Silk Way Rally.

While top off-road racers find great value using Giti’s AT70 option, the same tyre is available for all drivers. It presents a single option for users who enjoy having the ability to drive off-road, while also allowing for smooth highway and other on-road driving.
Giti Tyres, represented in the Sultanate of Oman by Eint Automotive LLC, a division of the highly successful Towell Group, are known for durability, safety, efficiency, mileage and performance.

A spokesperson of Eint Automotive said, “Giti Tyres have been devoted to motorsports for more than ten years and have won hundreds of honours at home and abroad. The purpose of motorsport is to collect more data and information through the test of various extreme road conditions, helping the company to develop technology and create more trustworthy tyre products for owners.” He added, “Rally racing has always been a sport that constantly challenges through harsh natural environments, human physical limits, racing technology, and tyre performance. But the charm of the competition lies in constantly breaking through the limits and challenging oneself through the struggle. Customers can get the same rally-proven Giti Tyres from Eint Automotive LLC.”

Giti Tyres are available at Eint Automotive LLC and their authorised dealerships throughout the country. Eint endeavours to bring reputed brands to Oman, which provides value and quality to the retail and corporate customers.