With a prime focus on after sales services, Eint Automotive has a division exclusively dedicated to research and development of state-of-the-art automotive batteries. Equipped with an excellent team of highly skilled and motivated professionals, Primax is dedicated to introducing improved variants of world-class batteries which are suitable for all kinds of vehicles.

The superior quality and affordable price of Primax and Eints remarkable after sales services have together delivered a premium driving experience to the Omani’s resulting in accelerating popularity in the local market.

Primax batteries are designed after gathering in depth marketing insights. Applying the same principle for the Oman market, Eint Automotive has proved its efficiency in comprehending and conveying the needs of the local market, ensuring that the Primax batteries are tailor-made to suit the harsh climatic conditions of the country. Such an example is Primax’s latest range of calcium maintenance-free batteries. Considering the high summer temperatures in Oman, these batteries are crafted for maximizing performance and minimizing the risk of battery failure. The new calcium tin alloy prevents the grid surface from corrosion, outside impacts and vibrations.

Owing to the successful sales and service initiatives, Eint Automotive was honored with a token of appreciation from the suppliers of Primax Batteries. With regard to local presence, Primax also won the title of ‘Customers’ Preferred Choice’ in its segment, earlier last year.