3 Reasons Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

There are a number of different reasons why a car battery dies but for the sake of understanding the problem, we can divide the reasons into the 3 most common categories. 


After reading this informative post, you will be able to keep your battery from falling prey to the following problems.


3 Reasons Why Car Batteries Keep Dying:


Weak, Old, or Damaged Battery:


A battery that is old, weak, or damaged may be unable to reliably retain a charge, and severe temperatures can worsen the problem. If your automobile battery is faulty, replacing it should resolve the problem. If, on the other hand, you’ve had to replace a battery more than once in the recent year, one of the other two “traditional” suspects could be to blame.


Parasitic Draw:


A parasitic draw is the most insidious cause of a failing automobile battery. This generally refers to something that is drawing power that you are unaware of, such as a faint dome light that you don’t see throughout the day. In some circumstances, a simple glimpse into a dark garage can tell you everything you need to know, especially if you have little children who enjoy pushing buttons. 


In other circumstances, you’ll need the assistance of a professional to determine whether a mechanical problem is causing your headlights or relay switches to stay on.


Poorly Connected Alternator:


When the engine is operating, the alternator (your vehicle’s onboard generator) collaborates with the engine and battery to power the electrical systems (such as interior and exterior lighting, instrument panels, stereo, car alarm, and so on) and, most significantly, to charge the battery. Poor connections caused by poor wiring or corrosion might prevent the alternator’s charge from being received and stored by the battery. 


However, if there is no visible corrosion (piles of unpleasant white and green powder forming around the battery posts) and the connections are in good condition, the alternator itself may be damaged. In that instance, the alternator will very certainly need to be fixed or replaced.