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tyre prices in Oman


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Have you been searching up the oman’s best tyres? Here at EINT we have created a comprehensive list of tyre brands to help you with whatever you need. We have a brand of Giti (Primewell), innovative companies like Nison which have made breakthroughs like the zero-degree radial belt system, truck tire manufacturers and other well known companies. Get the best tyre prices in Oman from this section!

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S-Oil Lubricants

EINT Automotive accumulates the best Japanese lubricant manufacturers in Oman for online availability. The best in cars and automobiles of all sizes need the best in Global Lubricants as well! This is why we bring you the best Car Oils of Oman and good car oil brands on to one platform.

Higher viscosity is terrible, and so is low viscosity oil. It is a conflict between the best of both worlds! Unless you get it just right. A ’10W-40′ oil means, for example, that when the engine is cold, the oil will help it in high viscosity denoted by the number ’10’ where W is for Winter; and when the engine is revving at its full throttle and beating the heat, the oil will keep it amply lubricated with low viscosity, denoted by the number 40. Check with your manufacturer’s car/truck manual for knowing the correct Oil Code number before purchasing the best Oman Oil from EINT Automotives.

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Emtrac Plus Battery
Drivex Battery
Axis Automotive batteries

Confused about where to find a decent car battery? EINT offers two quality brands, both of which are well known in the battery market for their reliability and adherence to international standards.

The first is EMTRAC, which offers high performance, zero maintenance car batteries with a warranty period of 24 months.

And another great addition, is DRIVEX which is owned by the popular Lubatex brand in France. The brand has batteries for heavy commercial applications made in Germany whilst car batteries for passenger vehicles are made in Spain.

DRIVEX car battery comes with an 18 months warranty period and explosion-proof top lids.

ECCO Warning Lights

If you are searching for cheap emergency lights, you will find what you need here. EINT has two warning light brands in stock.

The first is Ecco, with its ‘ECCO warning lights’ division; it is part of the well-known International ECCO Lighting Group and they offer Backup Alarms, Rear-View CCTV Systems and Amber Warning Lights for commercial and industrial vehicles amongst other products.

The second is Vision Alert, which is a part of ECCO Safety Group. It offers beacons, light bars, reverse alarms and warning lights. This brand has a presence in over 45 countries.