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June 2020: Muscat, Oman: As one of the largest and most respected tyre manufacturers in the world, Giti Tyres continues to champion its brand spirit: A spirit of fun; a spirit of boldness; and a spirit that continues to push new bounds in its passionate pursuit of high performance and enjoyable driving.

Enjoy Driving – these two words are more than just an expression, says the Singapore-based company. “They express the passion of Giti Tyres and how the company aspires to be a positive part of every driver’s experience.”

Through it’s over 60 years of manufacturing, the Giti spirit has imbued the company with a unique set of values and vitality that continues to be manifest today – in everyone from its designers, engineers, and production and support staff, through to the company’s distributors in over 130 countries around the world, and finally through to you the driver, and your passengers.

Whether you are a mother driving your children to school; a fleet owner with drivers transporting goods across the country for business; an entrepreneur doing daily commutes through the city to meet clients; or if you simply enjoy the pleasure of being out on the open roads – Giti presents you with the very best products and services to “Enjoy Driving”.

In the spirit of long-lasting performance and driving safety, Giti also provides vehicle owners with long-term peace of mind via their in-depth Tyre Knowledge information resources. These present passenger and commercial vehicle owners with helpful tyre care tips to ensure long-lasting safety and performance.

Staying true to its heritage and brand, Giti Tyres plan to continue their strong momentum in 2020 and beyond, while also looking for opportunities in all situations and never relenting in the face of challenges. In addition, the company remains passionate about focusing on their various Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives – like green manufacturing and environment protection, education, employee health and wellness, and other ongoing projects.

In the Sultanate of Oman, Giti Tyres is proud to deliver all of their brand spirit to customers, while providing award-winning tyre technology that has proven itself in the high-performance world of motorsports, and that ticks all the right boxes in terms of driving performance, safety and long-term durability. A full range of Giti Tyres is available throughout Oman via Towell Group’s Eint Automotive LLC dealer network.

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