Wheel Alignment: What is it, Why its Important & How to know if you need it

Wheel alignment is one of the most important factors for maintaining stable control over your drives. 


But why is wheel alignment so important? 


And how to tell if you need a wheel alignment?


Here’s all you need to know…


Why is Wheel Alignment Important?


Straight wheels are only one aspect of proper alignment. Vehicle alignment can increase tyre life, ensure even tyre wear, provide a smooth ride, ensure safe vehicle handling, and even save you money on gas.


Overall, alignment is concerned with the suspension of a vehicle, which is the system in charge of maintaining optimal friction between the wheels and the road. It is the system that allows for a comfortable and stable drive. In other words, it is critical.


What does a Wheel Alignment do?


The wheel and tyre themselves aren’t adjusted during a wheel alignment, despite the name (also known as tyre alignment). In reality, they involve modifying the steering and suspension of your car, which connects it to its wheels. By adjusting the angles of your tyres, which affect how they make contact with the road, you can achieve proper alignment. The ideal alignment angles for each vehicle depending on the make, model, and instructions from the manufacturer.


How do I Know if I Need a Wheel Alignment?


Here are some symptoms of your car being out of alignment:


  • Even though the steering wheel is pointing straight, your vehicle is drifting to the right or left. Similarly, while driving straight, you may notice that your steering wheel is not pointing straight.
  • Your tyres are worn unevenly or in unusual places. This may be difficult to detect, but you can certainly look. Otherwise, have a technician inspect your tyres.
  • Your steering appears to be “sloppy” or “loose.” It may even appear that your car is wandering around on its own. If the misalignment is minor, you may notice that your vehicle is less responsive than usual.
  • The steering wheel is vibrating. This red flag is impossible to overlook. If your wheels are pulling against each other as a result of misalignment, the steering wheel may vibrate against your hands.